Buy-to-Let mortgages

Streamline your journey to buy-to-let mortgage success with Vantage. We’ll provide you with a range of finance options from our panel of leading lenders, delivering the means and support you need to get the product and terms you desire.

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Why Vantage?

For all manner of buy-to-let products and for every aspect of your clients’ requirements, Vantage can deliver.

Whether your client is a first-time landlord or an experienced property investor, we’ll source the most suitable product tailored to their every need. We manage the entire process from start to finish and can take the reins with the client, keeping you in the loop throughout. Alternatively, we can guide you through the process whilst you continue to take care of your loyal customers. 

We are experts in dealing with a range of complex scenarios, such as:

  • Flats above commercial premises
  • Portfolio incorporations
  • Limited company applications
  • Houses in multiple occupation including student let properties (HMOs)


  • Multi Unit Freehold Blocks (MUFBs)
  • 1st time landlord
  • Ex Pat and Foreign National landlords of varying profile
  • Consumer BTL

Key features

  • No minimum income
  • Non-standard construction properties
  • New builds accepted
  • Exclusive access to a number of specialist lending products and rates
  • Adverse credit can be considered


  • Generous rental calculations
  • Local authority and housing association tenants can be considered
  • Lenders with no credit scoring available

Frequently asked questions

The basics

Who might want to use a buy-to-let mortgage?

  • Someone who has a good credit record
  • Somebody who can afford to take the risk
  • A home-owner who will find it easier to get a buy-to-let mortgage
  • A property-investor, specifically those interested in houses or flats
  • Someone who has a relatively high salary
  • A person under 70, although older applicants can be considered

What are the differences between a buy-to-let mortgage and a normal mortgage?

  • Affordability is worked on rental income rather than personal income
  • Interest rates on buy-to-let mortgages are usually higher
  • Buy-to-let mortgages incur higher fees
  • The minimum deposit for a buy-to-let mortgage is usually 25% of the property’s value (although it can vary between 20-40%)
  • The majority of buy-to-let mortgages are interest only mortgages
  • The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) does not usually regulate buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-let mortgages: how much can be borrowed?

  • The amount that can be borrowed is based on the rental income achievable
  • Generally, the assessment of the affordability of the mortgage payment is based on the rental income the property generates versus the mortgage payment, with an added 45% to cover shortfalls
  • The service charges associated with the rental will also be taken into account when assessing affordability

The Benchmark for Buy-to-Let

If you’re ready for a simplified and streamlined buy-to-let mortgage experience that delivers real-time access to the best loans on the market, call in the Vantage team.