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£217,500 expat Buy-to-Let remortgage completed in 8 weeks

Loan: Expat Buy-to-Let mortgage

Amount: £217,500

Completion: 8 weeks from customer application received


Mr L, an expat residing in Hong Kong owned a property through his Ltd company in the UK. At the time of purchase, the property value was estimated at £200,000. He had used a 12-month bridging loan to fund the acquisition, and planned to turn it into a rental investment by converting the property into...

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Case Studies

Buy to let

First-time landlords, Ltd company and social tenants

Sometimes a deal can make perfect commercial sense but something seemingly insignificant makes it fall outside a lender’s criteria and the whole thing collapses.

Worse, this can often happen at the last minute when the details are being checked and the borrower is left in the lurch. Brokers know that...

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The expat with complex commercial needs

Expats paid in currencies that are not sterling face enough hurdles as it is following the introduction of tighter regulation under the Mortgage Market Review. Those paid outside of the UK, no matter the currency, face even more hurdles when they want to bring capital into the country.

Anti-money laundering...

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Second Charge

£150,000 Second charge mortgage for client paid salary in US dollars

The Mortgage Credit Directive brought with it several changes for mortgage advisers: second charges came under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority, the ESIS was enforced and foreign currency mortgages suddenly all but disappeared.

But just because the regulation put a lid on the number of products available to borrowers...

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The developer and the (re) bridging loan

Bridging loans have been conversely vilified and celebrated over the past ten years. Our attitude is that done right, by a responsible lender in a situation appropriate to the client’s need, it’s a very useful product to have in your arsenal as a broker.

A situation that is seen all the...

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Consumer Buy to let

The first-time landlord and consumer buy-to-let

Since the eve of the Mortgage Credit Directive and the introduction of consumer buy-to-let brokers have been left with a lingering anxiety on what to do with first-time landlords.

Lenders haven’t made it easier, with each and every one having a different understanding and definition for the term.

The official...

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Buy to let

The professional landlord: complex Buy-to-Let

There has been a lot of talk about the so-called ‘professionalisation’ of Buy-to-Let since the former Chancellor George Osborne confirmed a stamp duty hike for landlords, tapering of tax relief and the removal of the wear and tear relief.

Much speculation has been made around putting a portfolio of properties into...

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Second Charge

£275,000 Second Charge mortgage for self-employed borrowers

Brokers know that no two clients are the same, no two sets of circumstances are the same and therefore no two deals they need to put together will be the same. Some are more complicated than others however, and when that is the case it can pay to use a...

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£149,850 commercial mortgage for self-employed taxi driver

It’s all in the details. Sometimes a deal can look like a no-brainer at first glance and it turns out to be something you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. By the same token, some deals look unworkable but actually, when you dig a little deeper, they make perfect sense....

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Ex-Pat Buy to live - Residential

£252,000 residential mortgage for expats returning home to the UK

There are few who would disagree that the stricter affordability rules introduced under the Mortgage Market Review have benefitted the market, preventing borrowers from overstretching themselves and getting into financial difficulty.

However, strict rules will by their very nature pose problems for people who don’t fit the formula of what...

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