£217,500 expat Buy-to-Let remortgage completed in 8 weeks

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Loan: Expat Buy-to-Let mortgage

Amount: £217,500

Completion: 8 weeks from customer application received


Mr L, an expat residing in Hong Kong owned a property through his Ltd company in the UK. At the time of purchase, the property value was estimated at £200,000. He had used a 12-month bridging loan to fund the acquisition, and planned to turn it into a rental investment by converting the property into an HMO (house in multiple occupation).

Having already arranged Mr L’s initial bridging loan, he reached out to Vantage again after 6 months, having completed the renovation works quicker than expected. The value of the property after renovation was £290,000, achieving a rental income of £1,650 pcm with a single family let – and he wanted to exit his bridge by remortgaging onto a £217,500 Buy-to-Let mortgage.

Being an expat and owning the property through a Ltd company made borrowing with a High Street lender difficult enough. Making it even more complex; the property being an HMO, but yet to be granted a license, remortgaging within only 6 months of purchase and borrowing a higher amount due to the works carried out.


Although difficult for expats, Mr L knew from previously working with Vantage Finance that he could utilise our strong relationships to access a broad and varied panel of specialist Buy-to-Let and expat lenders…

…and that’s exactly what happened. We were able to arrange a refinance out of the bridge, and onto a longer-term fixed BTL Mortgage. We agreed a product switch with the existing lender of the bridging loan and negotiated a reduced rate compared to their standard – due to our strategic partnership. This resulted in the successful completion of a £217,500 BTL remortgage, 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 5.25%. From application to completion in just 8 weeks.


In just 8 weeks, the constraints of Mr L’s ‘non-vanilla’ scenario were no longer a burden. He could successfully run his rental investment setup from the comfort of his home in Hong Kong, with the longevity and peace of mind of a 5-year fixed rate.

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