Complicated HMO Buy-to-Let mortgage achieved for 7-bedroom property

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Loan: Buy-to-Let mortgage

Amount: £318,850

LTV: 70%

Interest rate: 3.39%

Term: 15 years

Quite often, specialist finance is simply the only option to achieve an HMO mortgage. Offering that much needed flexibility, specialist finance is a useful tool for all brokers - but it is not necessarily an easy market to navigate. That’s where expert master brokers like Vantage Finance step in. With a willingness to consider the most complicated of scenarios, we consider each case with as much care and attention as it needs to succeed. Here’s how a recent case for a 7-bedroom HMO BTL mortgage was accomplished.


Landlord with an existing rental property and good outside income.


hand house keys rental property

The client had recently refurbished a single dwelling into a 7-bedroom rental property. He needed to refinance the property onto a Buy-to-Let mortgage to recover the costs of the refurbishments and raise funds for additional investment. However, he only had a Home in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence for 6 bedrooms. Without the correct and entirely mandatory licence in place, the property was not yet able to be rented out.

With this scenario in play, and mortgages for HMOs largely unavailable with High Street lenders, the client reached out to their broker. Having never dealt with this specific scenario before, and in particular specialist finance – the client’s broker got in touch with us straight away.

Our solution

signing paperwork

Lender’s heavily evaluate Buy-to-Let mortgage risk on the plausibility of the property to achieve income and as a general rule require all planning and regulatory aspects of the property to be in order. So, until an HMO licence and rental agreement is in place, borrowing is more difficult and given the Country was on lockdown it was unclear how long it would take to find tenants. However, with deep rooted expertise of the field and strong relationships in place with our lender panel – we were able to achieve a Buy-to-Let mortgage without requiring the property to be let on completion. We also negotiated for the client to provide the accurate licence application post-offer, as opposed to the licence itself on completion.


The team at Vantage Finance have tackled many complex Buy-to-Let scenarios, so this situation was not particularly difficult for us. We understand the complexities of the market and are in many ways seen as a helpful extension for landlords. As a long-standing master broker, we’ve helped source finance for landlords for many years – navigating through the many changes to regulations, and of course the property market.

With our broad panel of specialist lenders, we are able to reach more options for our clients, and tailor more closely to their needs.


Despite the difficulties of this case, our broker was able to achieve the Buy-to-Let mortgage needed for his client in a straightforward process. Our broker didn’t need to step into the intricacies of the specialist finance market because we walked his client through the course of the application step-by-step, right through to completion.

The client too, was able to look ahead to the successful renting of his new rental property – with the arranging of his mortgage in just 10 working weeks.

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