How a £1.6m bridging loan saved a chain break during lockdown

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Loan: Bridging loan

Amount: £1.6million

LTV: 70%

Term: 12 months

The specialist finance industry comes into its own when fast and effective short-term lending is required, and during times of economic uncertainty this is more apparent than ever. Bridging loans are a great way to access large sums of funding in a short time and can be invaluable sources of finance for chain break situations. During the COVID-19 pandemic the government urged homeowners not to move house during lockdown, with contracts going unsigned, removals impossible and exchanges not happening, the increases in property chain breaks caused chaos in the property market.


The clients were a professional couple that run a successful building company and own 3 Buy-to-Let properties. They were looking to secure their dream home at £1.8m and they had paid a £180K deposit which they did not want to lose, however a chain break put the entire purchase at risk.


property chain domino effect

This enquiry came during the middle of the national lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, naturally with the unprecedented circumstances and remote working, the logistics of the case were going to be affected. 

The clients were in a very unfortunate chain break situation caused by the impact of COVID-19. They had exchanged on the purchase having paid £180K non-refundable deposit. The buyer of their own home then pulled out due to COVID-19 causing a break in the property chain and leaving the client needing urgent and immediate funds to prevent the loss of their new home and the deposit.

Prior to speaking to our team, the clients had been provided another lending option, however with the sudden change in the lending market the previously sourced option was no longer being viable. In addition to this they had just 7 days to secure a very large amount of money or risk losing everything.

Our solution

clock ticking fast

We knew as soon as we saw this case that it needed fast, effective master brokerage skills to navigate around an extremely pressurised timeframe, a large loan amount and in the middle of a global pandemic causing a very uncertain market. 

The team set to work immediately and firstly, and importantly, negotiated an extended completion date with the seller of their new home which bought them 10 days. We used our leverage with a specialist lender to gain audience with their senior credit staff and paint a full picture of an attractive borrower profile who had been put in a really tough spot. We helped to collate a really thorough understanding off all of their asset and income, including their business accounts and managed to persuade the lender to approve a loan higher than their standard LTV during this pandemic by leveraging some of their other property. We then liaised with solicitors for all parties through a very tricky legal process to successfully get this £1.6m bridging loan sorted within the timeframe.


In this case there were multiple challenges and time was critical. Emotions were naturally high with the client potentially at risk of losing their home, so the bespoke and tailored approach ensured the highest level of customer service and regular vital communications and updates throughout.

The knowledge of the market, the relationships and the leverage with the chosen lender really did close this deal, the team have extensive reach to access products that otherwise would not be an option, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic and lockdown.


The clients were extremely happy with the result and relieved that the team were able to save their property and in such a short and pressurised time frame. From application to completion the case took only 20 days, considering all the factors involved this was certainly justification of the value of a master broker like Vantage Finance.

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