How we helped a client with severe adverse credit secure a critical BTL refinance

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Loan: Buy-to-Let mortgage

Amount: £612,000

LTV: 68%

Loan rate: 4.44%

Term: 10 years

Keeping up with personal finances can be difficult at the best of times but when you are up against a global pandemic, you need to access funds and lender appetites are not as strong, you could find yourself in a tricky situation.

If you have missed previous payments on a financial facility, it could result in your credit rating becoming ‘adverse’, which can be detrimental to accessing emergency finance when you really need it.

These clients had found themselves in that exact situation and needed help to get their finances back on track – and fast.


The clients were a couple who were existing clients with us.


Previously, the couple already owned three BTL properties, and then went on to purchase a residential property for themselves, financed through a regulated bridging loan of £1.6 million in May (during the 2020 COVID lockdown).

We helped them obtain bridging finance and buy that dream family home, this case study covers the process of phase one of repaying the bridging loan.

The clients had quite severe adverse credit by way of missed mortgage payments 24-36 months ago due to a personal tragedy.

With two mortgages on their current BTL properties and outstanding funds left to pay on their bridging loan, they approached us to see if we could help consolidate and reduce their debt.

With that, on top of market conditions at the time due to COVID-19, this was not an easy case to place.

The client had tried another broker for the previous bridging transaction, and it had led to them nearly losing their potential home and their £200,000 deposit.

They desperately needed a master broker who they could trust, to help relieve their financial stress and came back to Vantage for that very reason.

Our solution

Looking at the situation, it was clear to us that a BTL portfolio refinance was the best-suited solution for these clients.

We were able to source a £612,000 refinance of 2 of their BTL properties paying off current lenders and reducing the debt outstanding on their bridge, the exit to the initial facility is in 3 phases of which this is the 1st.

By their own admission, the couple were not the best organised and struggled with collating the documents needed.

We worked closely with the client's solicitors and accountants (even visiting the solicitors on one occasion) to ensure the successful completion of this loan.


Working with Vantage opens the doors to lenders that are willing to consider and take on cases other high street banks and lenders would not.

We are proud that our experience, knowledge, and the strong relationships we have built with our lenders were able to help this couple take back control of their finances, refinance two properties, and reduce the debt on their bridging loan.


Vantage has always thrived on challenging cases and finding solutions where sometimes it seems there is none or is near impossible.

Our out-of-the-box approach resulted in the client gaining a BTL portfolio refinance across 2 BTL properties to repay some of their bridging finance and relieve some of the stress that the debt was causing.

With their regulated bridge being arranged by Vantage, we saved them losing a £200K deposit. We then began helping the client to navigate through their complex exit strategy as efficiently as possible to avoid staying on the bridging finance for longer than necessary.