Specialist help secured a second charge mortgage for multiple incomes during lockdown

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Loan: Second charge mortgage

Amount: £94,000

LTV: 60%

Rate: 3.85% per annum

Term: 20 years

The For specialist requirements such as a second charge loan that does not quite fit high street lender criteria, finding a suitable lender can be a stressful process - even for the most experienced intermediaries. The following case for a £94k second charge loan highlights how Vantage Finance, master broker of specialist finance, was able to transform a complex case swiftly, into a simple successful outcome with their excellent negotiation skills and first-class customer service.


The clients were a couple with three children. They owned their own home - a detached bungalow. The husband had two jobs, one being a Police Community Support Officer as well as being a Director of a limited company. His wife was employed as an Office Manager for at the local council.


The clients wanted to make some home improvements to their bungalow. They also wanted to clear some credit cards and loans. Due to the client having two streams of income, we needed a lender to take as much income as possible from the second job and as many hours as possible. It is extremely difficult to find a lender willing to take two incomes into consideration. With our expert knowledge, we instantly knew which lender would incorporate both jobs into the application.

Our solution

A second charge mortgage was the most suitable product for the couple, and speed was of the essence. To make sure we saved the clients as much time as possible we reached out to the lender from the outset to ensure that they understood the client’s situation, whilst also making sure that it was affordable for them moving forward. This saved a huge amount of the client’s precious time and streamlined and speeded up the application process.


The client was able to receive funds quickly to pay off their credit cards and loans, as well as make the home improvements they wanted thanks to the proactive approach we took by addressing any complication head-on and up front. This was a great outcome for the client as they were able to consolidate their debts and add value to their property by making the renovations they wanted, without having to wait a long time for the funds to come through.


Working with Vantage provides clients with specialist knowledge, fast completions, and the highest level of customer service in the industry. Our 5-star Feefo reviews demonstrate how much we put into every case. We do everything we can to get our clients what they need and fast.

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