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Vantage Finance complete complex Residential Second Charge in under 4 weeks


Second Charge Mortgages can be complex in nature, here at Vantage we unpick the complexities and focus on quick and successful completions. This case study exemplifies how the experience and knowledge of the Vantage team recently benefitted clients on a complex Residential Second Charge where speed of application was essential.

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Complex semi-commercial mortgage completed during international lockdown

Specialist finance is well-versed for scenarios in which the borrowers’ circumstances or the property itself is deemed too complicated for traditional lenders. However, applying for specialist finance is often seen as a challenging process to go through. Working with an expert master broker can not only alleviate the intricacies of a more difficult financial case, but create a stronger bridge between the borrower and the lender. Here’s how a complicated case, coupled with a global pandemic was able to complete.

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How we helped a client with severe adverse credit secure a critical BTL refinance

Keeping up with personal finances can be difficult at the best of times but when you are up against a global pandemic...

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Vantage complete buy-to-let mortgage in 16 working days


At Vantage we work quickly to obtain the most suitable solution for the client, either on your behalf or by guiding you through the process. This case study highlights how we were able to work with a new broker to help their client obtain a buy-to-let mortgage as a bridging exit in just 16 days.

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£120,000 bridging loan to facilitate a quick Cornish property purchase


'Bridging the gap' in a property chain is one of the most common uses of bridging finance. Providing fast and effective short-term finance via a bridging loan is a great way to secure a property. This case study demonstrates how we used our expertise to help a client that was at risk of losing their ideal retirement property.

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Complicated HMO Buy-to-Let mortgage achieved for 7-bedroom property

The client needed to refinance a 7-bedroom HMO onto Buy-to-Let mortgage. Unfortunately, they only had a HMO licence for 6 bedrooms, making the situation a little more complicated.


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How a £1.6m bridging loan saved a chain break during lockdown

The clients were in a very unfortunate chain break situation caused by the impact of COVID-19. They had exchanged on the purchase having paid £180K non-refundable deposit...

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Specialist help secured a second charge mortgage for multiple incomes during lockdown

The following case for a £94k second charge loan highlights how Vantage Finance, master broker of specialist finance, was able to transform a complex case swiftly, into a simple successful outcome with their excellent negotiation skills and first-class customer service.

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The need for a master broker to secure a bridging loan during COVID-19 lockdown

The clients were looking for a bridging loan to convert part of their existing hotel back to a house containing 3 self-contained flats.  However, a lot of lenders had pulled out of the market due to the COVID-19 pandemic and valuers had stopped inspecting.

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£16m limited company portfolio refinance in six weeks

An experienced property developer, and existing customer, trading as a limited company. The business had completed a number of projects over the course of their...

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£12.4m complex hybrid bridging / term loan refinance

Our client had built a number of high-end flats, on land that was granted planning permission before the market slowed for this type of asset. Their current bridging facility was about to expire, and as the flats were not yet bringing in any rental income, lenders were reluctant to offer long term finance. The customer had taken the decision to hold on to the flats and rent them out waiting for the market to improve.

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The expat with complex commercial needs

Expats paid in currencies that are not sterling face enough hurdles as it is following the introduction of tighter regulation under the Mortgage Market Review. Those paid outside…

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£217,500 expat Buy-to-Let remortgage completed in 8 weeks

Mr L, an expat residing in Hong Kong owned a property through his Ltd company in the UK. At the time of purchase, the property value was estimated at £200,000...

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£150,000 Second charge mortgage for client paid salary in US dollars

The Mortgage Credit Directive brought with it several changes for mortgage advisers: second charges came under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority…

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The developer and the (re) bridging loan

Bridging loans have been conversely vilified and celebrated over the past ten years. Our attitude is that done right, by a responsible lender in a situation appropriate to the…

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The first-time landlord and consumer buy-to-let

Since the eve of the Mortgage Credit Directive and the introduction of consumer buy-to-let brokers have been left with a lingering anxiety on what to do with…

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The professional landlord: complex Buy-to-Let

There has been a lot of talk about the so-called ‘professionalisation’ of Buy-to-Let since the former Chancellor George Osborne confirmed a stamp duty…

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£275,000 Second Charge mortgage for self-employed borrowers

Brokers know that no two clients are the same, no two sets of circumstances are the same and therefore no two deals they need to put...

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£149,850 commercial mortgage for self-employed taxi driver

It’s all in the details. Sometimes a deal can look like a no-brainer at first glance and it turns out to be something you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. By the same token, some deal…

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£252,000 residential mortgage for expats returning home to the UK

There are few who would disagree that the stricter affordability rules introduced under the Mortgage Market Review have benefitted...

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First-time landlords, Ltd company and social tenants

Sometimes a deal can make perfect commercial sense but something seemingly insignificant makes it fall outside a lender’s criteria and the whole thing collapses.

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Buy-to-Let refurbishment with a sitting tenant

Our client wanted to purchase a property requiring refurbishment - with an existing, sitting tenant. Refurbishment began on the property before ownership had been transferred thereby placing the risk with our client.

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Great work by Vantage on a Bridging case. Tina was very good! simple as, with clients who always thought bridging was too expensive!


Great team. Great service. Would definitely recommend

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