development finance

Development finance

Add or expand your development finance offering with Vantage. We have access to a network of leading providers and will source the most competitive terms, cutting all the complexity and providing the financial agility you need to delight your clients.

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Why Vantage?

Development finance can be difficult to source. Particularly at short notice and especially if you want attractive rates that help you stand out. At Vantage, we can help. Our experience and track record of delivering market-leading loans distinguishes us from the competition. We deliver a bespoke service that works alongside your team to find the terms that are right for your client.

Vantage Finance can help you:

  • Achieve funding at pre-planning stage without authorised planning permission
  • Use completed developments to unlock equity, pending sale of the property
  • Stretch senior products up to 90% Loan-to-Cost
  • Cover refurbishments and conversions as well as ground-up developments
  • Facilitate meetings between lender and developer to help the process move forward

Key features

  • Loan-to-Value typically up to 65% of the Gross Development Value - but higher can be arranged
  • Locations covering England, Scotland, and Wales
  • Single dwellings and multi-unit schemes considered


  • Offer interest on a rolled up basis on many products
  • Residential, commercial, and mixed-use schemes considered
  • Funding available to both experienced developers and those newer to property development

Frequently asked questions

The basics

What is development finance?

Development finance is a short-term loan used for property developments in a range of circumstances. Ranging from single residential unit renovations right up to large-scale, ground-up development schemes and mixed-use properties.

Who can apply?

Any individual or limited company can apply for development finance.

What does development finance cover?

Development finance can be arranged for residential properties like townhouses and flats, new builds and terraced houses, commercial properties such as warehouses, factories, shops and offices, as well as semi-commercial or mixed-use developments.

How are development finance rates calculated?

There is no maximum borrowing when it comes to development finance. Development finance is typically reliant on a valuation assessment of the project that is planned, once all the works will have been completed – the Gross Development Value (GDV).

Do development finance loans have to be taken all at once?

Typically, the loan cannot be taken altogether upfront but is drawn-down in tranches as stages of the development are complete. Often the lender will insist upon this, and interest is usually charged based on the amount drawn down at any one time.

Embrace a superior standard

Don’t settle for less. Choose Vantage and enjoy a streamlined development finance experience that helps you deliver the capital your clients need, when they need it.