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First Charge Mortgages

Make it easy for your clients to access a mortgage for a residential property when High Street lenders are making it difficult. Vantage’s simplified process works for both you and your client, with one point of contact throughout to find the best fitting product and terms.

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Why Vantage?

We’ve been helping clients secure first charge mortgages since 2004. Sometimes your client, or their desired property, just won’t fit the generic criteria set by High Street lenders – and that’s where we help.

We’ll assess your client’s scenario and navigate the options, taking on an active or passive role as you prefer. To ensure a smooth, fast completion, we will operate as the go-between to the lender for scenarios including:

  • Customers with adverse credit
  • New build property purchases
  • Right to buy property purchases
  • Non-standard property purchases

Key features

  • Loans from £15,000
  • Unusual and complex income structures reviewed
  • No upper age limits
  • Adverse credit considered

Frequently asked questions


How do residential mortgages Vantage Finance arrange differ from High Street bank mortgages?

There isn't a lot we can't lend on. Vantage Finance has access to specialist lenders which offer broader including criteria:

  • No upper age limits
  • High LTV
  • Broad property ranges considered, incl. Right to Buy properties, new build, Wattle and Daub, high-rise apartments, concrete properties, Cornish units, Mundic block construction and many more non-standard construction types.
  • Applicants with adverse credit history considered

Who can apply?

Borrowers looking for an alternative to High Street mortgages this includes but is not limited to:

  • Expats
  • Foreign nationals
  • First-time buyers
  • Self-employed (1-year with tax calculation and HMRC Tax Year Overview or accounts)
  • Professional sportspeople

How much can my client borrow?

Loan sizes start from £25,000.

Purchases or remortgages?

Both are available.


Does my client pay any initial costs on a residential mortgage?

Our fees are paid on completion; however, the lender may require an application or valuation fee to be paid on application.

Application process

How long before I’m in a position to tell my client if we can proceed with their application?

Typically, in 48 hours.

How long will an application take to complete?

This varies from case to case, from initial enquiry to completion, from anywhere between 10 days and 6 months.

The basics

Are residential mortgages interest-only on repayment-based?

Both, repayment options are more commonplace, but we do have access to lenders who will offer interest-only mortgages depending on the client’s circumstances.

Mortgages as unique as your clients

Whatever their situation, secure your clients an exclusive mortgage today.